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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1044: Operational Report: 15/10/44

We continue to unload troops at Saipan, some of our freighters takes a series of hits from the defending fortress.

We see many more of these attacks, each one using supplies for the Japanese and landing more troops for us.
When the attack goes in, it shows that we are going to have to spend some time digging the Japanese out, but the result is a forgone conclusion.

The night bombers continue their work.

The support bombing continues.

We strike again at Moulmein – we have the advantage in AV, but the defensive terrain really wipes this out. Add to that that the Japanese have larger numbers of poor troops, then we cannot take the losses as well as they can. This will be a long battle.

The attack on Peiping goes as I expected, we take slightly higher losses, but we are able to absorb them, and we break through a layer of fortifications. I shall repeat this tomorrow.

So, we have two battles going on which will most likely last a while, but at least we're doing some good work. Its all about keeping up the pressure now.