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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1045: Operational Report: 16/10/44

This is the first wave of bombers for the night – three bombers, twenty hits and over ten thousands fires.

With nothing of interest happening around Saipan, I roll the carriers north to get myself another tanker.

The come back in the afternoon to hit the convoy again.

They pick off another small one as well.

All in all, its a bad day to be a Japanese carrier crewman.

They also raid the area around Iwo-jima. Hitting the supply ships feeding the massed men on the island.

The Havoc's take to the air once more.

The Japanese launch many attacks on our force at Cam Ranh Bay. They target the runway, but I have no planes anywhere near it.

The enemy attack at Tientsin, knowing that they are now cut off, and lose many more troops. This battle is going to be mine now.

We crack another layer at Peiping, at least the destroyed squads in on our side. Overall though the battle is in our favour.

That blasted fortress at Saipan hits more of our ships, who are now unloading supplies, and I may return them to Guam.

We hit the enemy at Saipan once more, we break through more fortifications, and the casualties begin to go in our favour.

We hit the enemy at Moulmien once more.

Our men reach Rahaeng, and blast through the defenders.

Well, that was a much busier day than some we have seen recently.

We got a few enemy ships confirmed, but the 15cm guns of the Saipan fortress claim a kill.