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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1048: Operational Report: 19/10/44

We drop more bombs at night.

The Avengers hit another cruiser, and cripple a freighter.

The Japanese make a strike at Bassien once more, and we get a few more kills.

We also continue to support our attacks at Moulmein.

The men on the ground have a good day, cracking the enemy forts and killing near two to one. A few more days like that and I may be able to advance south, but I expect this one to grind on for a while yet.

We take another crack at Peiping, and while the numbers say we have a bad day, we do destroy many more enemy squads than we lose.

Another day, the bombing campaign over Japan is running out of planes. But this is just because I have started early, and the factories are not yet up and running.