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Part 105: Operational Report: 21/03/42

The Seadragon attacks a Japanese freighter off Japan, after first putting a dud into her, they then get a solid hit and the ship is left listing badly.

Sinyang continues as it does every day.

But the Imperial Army is beginning to respond, in the north, we suffer a defeat at Loyang.

And at Anyang, where we lost half of our troops yesterday, we lose the bulk of the remainder are lost today.

Even in the south we suffer setbacks, as the troops advancing out of Pucheng take heavy losses.

The Pollack hits a ship supplying the Marshal Islands, this is a good blow for us, as thats one load of supplies that the enemy will never see.

Wake is hit hard, and its beginning to look like the planes I'm sending there may have to be diverted , as there may not be much of a runway left at Wake for them to use.

The Japanese air force make a major raid in Soerabaja today, and we manage to bloody them somewhat.

But when one of our pilots bails out, her has to do so in the enemy controlled territory around the city, and is quickly captured, that is how close the Japanese army is to the city.

The Port Moresby dive bombers return to the ship they crippled yesterday and finish her off.

PT-41 continues to absorb fire from enemy formations, making it the most valuable Patrol Boat in the world.

Well, China couldn't go right for ever, lets hope those troops have come in from somewhere else, depriving the invasion forces of men.

The enemy have put me in a bit of a quandary.

That is reported as a lone surface ship, heading past Wake. I'm wondering if this is a strike force heading for a raid on Midway, or it could be multiple ships on a raid, I'll have to respond. But the cruisers in Wake will be of little use after tangling with those battleships yesterday.

I'm sending them out anyway, they will be no use in defending Wake, so I may as well position them where they may be of some us when they head back to Pearl for repairs.

This is my main plan though, These are all the ships ready in Pearl, and should be a match for anything that's out there.

Now all I have to do is find that ship.