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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1050: Operational Report: 21/10/44

The plan to burn down Japan continues.

We even managed to shoot down an enemy plane – apparently, he turned his cockpit light on for some reason.

The Daylight bombers take a crack at it as well, and add a few hits of their own.

A Japanese ship pops up to sink on of our supply ships.

We have a poor day in the air here, I'm going to move more planes to this base in an attempt to stop these raids.

At Moulmein, a enemy unit is destoryed.

I may have to order my planes to avoid Davao, the enemy seem well entrenched here. Which reminds me, I need to move recon planes in! How could I have fogotten that? (hint :GH:)

The Japanese throw away some more men at Tientsin.

The generals at Saipan decide to make another shock attack, and a good number of Japanese units are destroyed.

Things are going well in all theatres it seems. Not much to report beyond that.