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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1051: Operational Report: 22/10/44

More bombs fall, but most of our planes get lost tonight,

The Pargo hits a cargo ship.

The Daylight bombers do their work once more.

An oiler! Thats a prize!

Well, this is a big raid, I wonder what the target is?

Carriers! We hit one twice, but I lose the screenshots by misspressing buttons in excitement.

Their counter attack is butchered.

They go for a fleet force, but lose more planes there – most of their attack force turns an flees before combat begins.

We go in again, and put a bomb into the already burning Unryu., we also get a report on the screen that the magazines have been ordered to be flooded aboard the ship.

We then take down another unescorted wave.

This attempt to resupply Siapan, or support it in any way, is in vain, as we see more enemy units collapse on the island.

We crack another layer of defences at Peiping, and destroy more enemy squads than we lose of our own. The adjusted AV is slowly coming around.

Another carrier fleet! This must be near the last one the Japanese can deploy.

This is a little early I think, but having taken three hits, I think she will go down – I shall give chase, and see how things go tomorrow!