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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1052: Operational Report: 23/10/44

The Drum takes a couple of hits.

The Japanese carriers flee north, but we are hot on their tails, and the Katsuragi is hit twice, there is reports of severe flooding on the ship.

She tries to strike back, but it does no good.

So unworried by the threat are my carriers, that they take the time to sink a cargo ship.

Come the afternoon, another attack sees the Katsuagi take extreme measures to prevent explosions.

We also pick off another troop ship – how many people are they cramming onto Iwo-jima?

The Daylight bombers do their work, and with only light rain over the target today, they do a good job.

My Readjustment of fighters causes the Japanese to make an night attack on Rangoon – but I have night fighters, who do their job.

We get a good number of bombers over Moulmien.

As expected, the Unryu is still afloat, but she is crippled, and has not gotten far.

Neither her nor her escort last long.

We don't break any fortifications at Peiping today, which is a shame.

Well, this make the third month in a row where I have secured a carrier kill! That's not bad, and there is a good chance I can nail the second carrier tomorrow.

He he he.