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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1053: Operational Report: 24/10/44

The night bombers continue their reduced bombing campaign.

With the weather improving, the daylight bombers get a great number of hits and start over thirty thousand fires today!

We then savage the already damaged carrier, setting her alight from bow to stern.

She soon succumbs to her wounds.

We also continue to pick off cargo ships and their escorts.

We also set a cruiser alight.

We continue to provide bomber support. The Japanese seem to have pulled their fighters back a long time ago in this area.

The fighting on the ground is not in our favour however. Dam forts.

Monotony, monotony – another day, another sunk Japanese carrier, when will this boredom ever end?
We gain a nice 500 points today, and things are looking good – this won't be as high a scoring month as the previous ones, but we're getting there.

Glug Glug glug.