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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1058: Operational Report: 29/10/44

One of our subs is attacked by an escort after missing with both of her torps.

The bombers continue to ply their trade above Moulmein.

We have a good day at Peiping, stepping down to deleberate attacks, as they seemed to want to stay at Shock.

Chinese troops have also made it to Bangkok. They are stopped by the forts for now, but they have a crushing advantage in numbers, so we can wear the enemy down quickly, which will then cut the supply road north.

A quiet day, but we started another ground battle. I've moving level bombers around to give me a chance of reducing before we invade, I need to take it out and then suppress the Philippines before the invasion proper can begin – this is something I should have done before, but I had gotten overconfident, and this game has a great way of showing you when that has happened.