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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1059: Operational Report: 30/10/44

The Japanese make a night attack on Rangoon, we take two planes down with flak.

We continue to strike the enemy with massed bombers.

The afternoon sees a massed attack of Japanese planes on Rangoon, but we have more planes, and we see a turkey shoot develop.

The daylight bombers get some more hits today. Its been quiet over Japan since I started resting the B-29's.

The Japanese throw away men at Tientsin.

With out large AV advantage, I try a shock attack at Bangkok to try and break the fortifications, but our men are to tired after marching through the jungle, and will need to rest.

A nice day in the air over Rangoon, and everywhere else is in planning mode. Our base points drop losing us five hundred points, and I poke my new liberator force in Guam to see why they are not bombing the target.