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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 106: Operational Report: 22/03/42

The S-36 has situated itself of Batavia, and gets a good couple of hits on a passing freighter.

Denpasar is once more raided today. There is little damage now, most of the planes in the area are already destroyed.

Off Java, the enemy invade and capture Christmas Island IO.

The San Francisco is attacked today, as the Captain plots a course that takes him to close to the Marshall Islands.

The already damaged ship takes two more torpedoes and beings to sink.

The Japanese once more throw their troops at Wuchang, and once more we beat them back.

Then our own forces launch their attack, this is more successful than the enemies, but it is still a costly offensive.

Our assault on Nanchang manages to break through some of the Japanese defences, but it costs us over a thousand troops.

Not much to say today, China continues to go well and everywhere else is ticking over.