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Part 1061: Operational Report: 01/11/44

Bomber command continue to do their good work.

We strike Davao again, and catch them with their kimonos down. Six planes destroyed on the ground is a good day for six bombers – plus runway damage.

One bomber gets through in another raid, but they get a series of high profile hits in.

We hit Babeldaob, they have fewer fighters in the air, but we have less bombers.

We strike at Japan once more. They start a good number of fires today.

The Japanese repay the attack yesterday at Kiangtu.

Well, its November, which means one thing to me.

B-29-25's, which basically means I've got more being made. 40 a month is still slow though.

First things first, we still topped a great 2600 points on the Japanese this month, although this is nearly a quarter of the previous two months tally. We now require 43,000 more points to win. (net)

in the air, we shot down (or had crash into us) 286 more points worth of planes than we lost.

Ground losses continue to hold steady, although the Iwo-jima débâcle remains a obvious blip on the graph.

Ship wise, we lost 14 while the Japanese lost 40 – this as you know is not the real picture.

When compared in points, we actually lost 400 points more than the Japanese! Although this will balance out once Japanese carriers begin appearing on the kill list.
I my defence, although the Point Where Grey Fucks Up is obvious to all, the rate Japan has been losing its valuable ships has shot up over the last few months, and many of our carrier kills are yet to appear on the lists.

7 fleet carriers of our own lost, 11 Japanese, its still going our way.

Top pilots, Kellogg takes the lead, and Edsall is in second. I wonder if I should send a load more back to TRACOM.

Lets hope November is better.