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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1062: Operational Report: 02/11/44

The Pargo is damaged by Japanese escorts.

We light some more fires.

The Japanese have no planes in the air over Babeldaob. We do some damage and take out three planes.

We make another attack at Saipan, and take out an enemy unit.

We strike Moulmein for yet another day in a row, it does seem to be working however.

We make an attack on the ground, and take our a good number of enemies, but no fort levels.

A strike at Peiping shows how quickly the Japanese can rebuild their fortifications here, I think a large number of the enemy are construction units.

My plan at Bangkok is to grind them down, we can take the losses, and even with level 5 forts, their losses are even.

Quite a few ground combats today, and I'm hopeful I can think about moving on Babeldaob soon – I'm massing my carriers to support the attack.