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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1066: Operational Report: 06/11/44

The massed bombing raids continue.

The battle for Moulmine drags on, but we are reinforced today, and more are coming up to the south!

We see off another raid on Manado.

The Japanese are trying to sneak more supplies in – I think this ship was mainly full of ammo, as it went up after one hit.

This one takes a few more hits though.

We continue to hit Peleliu and Babeldaob.

Every one of those is one less plane to ram into my ships!
I order a shock attack at Saipan, as we have a massive lead in AV, and this works, destroying two enemy units.

We set a good number of fires today, and I'm switching targets for tomorrow, as these are low value targets.

We hit Peiping again, and the casualties are in our favour. We just need to keep this up.

A bit more action today, the targets are switched, and more attack orders given, we have lots of troops in high value locations, once they begin to fall, we will see the score increasing once more.