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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1067: Operational Report: 07/11/44

The morning mass attack.

I missed switching a target, so the city of Hakodate gets another day of bombing – I think most things of value will be gone here now.

Its looks like Saigon is the base for some bombers. I really want it now.

We make a shock attack at Peiping, and it looks like the Japanese forces there are on the verge of collapse!

I may try this at Bangkok as well, as we need to break those forts down to make progress.

With another cracking attack, we take Saipan, and destroy at least five squadrons there – they don't have many planes left, but there must be a squadron per plane type, and they all count.

A better day, although as normal, taking a base causes the base points to drop. Dammit. But at least we have all the important parts of the Marianas Islands now.
The Babeldoab invasion force is now leaving port. Three carrier groups, two invasion forces and a bombardment force. I want revenge. NOW.