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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1069: Operational Report: 09/11/44

We start today with a night attack on Shanghai.

More bombs fall on my advancing Vietnam forces.

Our men in Peiping smash through the Japanese, killing nearly a third of them and sending the rest into headlong retreat.

The Bluefish slams a couple of torps into a large tanker. So today is a good day already.

I'm very disappointed by this attack by the northern bombers. Its a city, how do you miss a city?

We continue to keep up the suppression attacks on Peleliu.

The carriers are on their way, and take out a cargo ship while they do it – the Japanese do know my carriers are coming now however.

The clean up operation on Saipan continues.

Peiping is in my hands, and this is a valuable city – worth 1400 points to me. Of course, I only see 300 points of this, for whatever reason. I've got to keep on that Japanese force however, as its the largest one they have in China, but at least the way to Manchuria and its high scoring provinces is open now.