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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 107: Operational Report: 23/03/42

Another of our Subs – the Grayling – Makes a surface attack on a frieghter using its deck gun near the Marianas Islands.

After taking a hit from the ships deck gun, the Greyling dives and leaves its burning prey alone.

While at Kwajalein our troops being once more to try and force the enemy from their deep fortifications.

The Imperial Air Force makes a raid over Soerabaja to try and take out two of our planes, but somehow, the P-400's not only avoid being shot down by their numerically superior foes, but the also manage to bag one of the Zero's into the bargain.

Oddly, when they then face a squadron of older Oscar fighters with larger numbers, they lose a plane.

All this is to sweep our fighters out of the way of the large Betty raid on the runways. Our flack brings down one of the attackers, but airfield is pummelled.

While at Port Moresby, the Dive bombers prove that they are still worth the political heat keeping them in the area is costing me.

Another troop ship hit, and more Japanese soldiers I don't have to worry about later.

Wake once more gets a visit from the enemy bombers, and once more the runway is the target.

PT-41 is still drawing fire from the enemy, who still seem to be unable to hit her.

Nanchang is assaulted once more today.

And it seems that the attack will be the one taking the heavy losses here, as our counter attack costs us two thousand men.

In the north, the Japanese continue their own advances in the north near Kaifeng, this time opening up a new battleground at Tsiaotso.

This new attack is not as successful previous ones in the area, but seems about par for China as a whole.

Wuchang continues to go well, as we reduce the enemy's forces at a steady rate.

The Japanese army is advancing up behind their tanks, and today begin to try and remove one of our remaining bases in southern Burma.

We manage to hold them today, but with few supplies, we cannot expect these men to do more than slow down the enemy.

Another day where no ships were sunk, making it a rarity, but a good one, with our ship losses rapidly approaching 500 ships, and the enemies less than half that. (Confirmed anyway.)

Again, not much planning today. Tomorrow should be different though.