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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1070: Operational Report: 10/11/44

How about you stay away from my shipping, eh?

I ordered the Manado fleet to flee to Ternate, but its not far enough it seems.

We hit Peleliu hard, and you can see my carriers on station to shoot down the waves of enemy planes that I am assuming they have been stockpiling for this moment.

They see no planes, and begin bombing the islands themselves.

This is more like it from the bombers. Still under achieving though!

My troops are now north of Saigon, and coming under massed bombing attacks. The base they are in is undefended, and falls without a shot!

The Ternate losses put a dampener on a good day, as we lose a number of ships.

Its amazing how much difference a week of bombing can make for an invasion – that and task forces not setting themselves to the wrong type.
Maybe I shouldn't jinx myself.

Yes Intell, as I keep telling you, those men on Urrupu-jima?