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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1072: Operational Report: 12/11/44

You know, screw this, its been a terrible month, so lets score some points by getting those bombers back in the air!

We lose some planes, shoot down some enemy planes and see the B-29-25's in action for the first time. These are the only hits we see however.

The bombers are still supporting the Moulmien attack.

The battle itself is becoming more and more one sided.

Even with the invasion forces in the area, I keep up the bombardments.

Although, these are planes that can't crash into my ships!

There are numerous raids, but these two are the best.

The carriers continue their work as well. They also raid the islands.

The land based Dauntlesses claim a kill.

A better day today, it looks like our troops should be landing tomorrow – and look at that kill list, that's thirty seven planes that won't be landing on our ships tomorrow.