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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1074: Operational Report: 14/11/44

The enemy guns at Babledoab get some accuracy, and hit one of my battleships several times.

With the airfields suppressed, I order the bombers to hit ground targets. What I would like is and “obliterate this island” order that hits multiple things. But hey, Grognard games.

See, while I think Percy E Foxworth had it coming, the loss of [b]Robert L Stevenson[/i] is mildly annoying.

The first attack goes in, and despite their six levels of fortifications, the Japanese collapse. The bombing and bombardments have done their jobs, and the enemy lose most of their guns.

Seriously? We've not heard from Marcus island in months, but the first time I send in some supplies with an escort carrier, you attack? Gits.

Things are going so well at Moulmien that I even get a casualty report from the bomber attack!

Moulmien is mine! (you have no idea how long I have been waiting to say that.)

Ahh, a bit more of Burma is mine, and my latest invasion is going well. Things may just be turning around for the month. I hope, it can't be as bad as last month anyway.