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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1076: Operational Report: 16/11/44

You can't run from my bombers!

We have taken Babeldaub, but we still need to clear the remaining defenders out. Bombers help with this!

Our carriers pick off another transport and hole a cruiser.

At Guam, we see Buforts hitting something – a rare occurance.

They hear me, and then go out and sink Tokyo – just to show me up.

We begin clean up operations on Babeldaob. The remaining troops are now surrounded, and soon surrender to my forces.

Most of the Guam bomber pick a new target – heavily defended Iwo-jima.

The northern bombers get a few hits in.

The fall of Siagon will not be long coming. We lost more men, but they lost more squads, and the AV difference is overpowering.

Things seem to be going my way again – for a while. Once the airfields are up and running, I'll start hitting airfields in the Philippines and loading the troops I have planning for attacks. The island is clear now, so that's a good start. And I made sure to send engineers along with the main force.
I've moved planes across now, so lets see how that works.

Dam forums! Trying to interfere with my posting schedules!