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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1079: Operational Report: 19/11/44

You cannot flee the flying death!

The Japanese push north once more. I worry, as I have another supply convoy in the area.

The Japanese continue to try and sneak in supply ships. I continue to sink them.

The Japanese ram more twin engine planes into my ships.

Finally, we wipe out the defenders at Saipan.

The strikes on the Philippines continue.

We catch up with the forces that retreated from Peipeng, and make them retreat once more. Its on to Kalgan next, then into Mancuria!

We kill a fifth of the defenders of Siagon today, and the city will soon be mine.

That was a nice day. Things are progressing well in China. I begin moving more troops around there, as I have a few overly large garrison units that have recovered their strength over the last year – I may lose some VP from low garrisons, but I'd rather be advancing.