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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 108: Operational Report: 24/03/42

The enemy make a night attack run on Eniwetok, but manage to only cause a small amount of damage with their six bombers.

The Submarine Seadragon puts a dud into a valuable Japanese tanker – I'm starting to wonder if these things are blessed, every tanker we hit seems to get hit by a dud torpedo!

The Seadragon then has to evade the escorting destroyers, but does so without taking damage.

At Nanchang, the Imperial Armies fortunes are reversed in a single day, as they find a weak spot in our defences and exploit it for all they are worth.

Or men fall back in chaos, once past the front lines, there is nothing they can do but retreat and regroup.

Our own attack at Wunchang continues to do well, but there are no signs of the enemy breaking, and our men will need some time to recover – they are now exhausted and their battle lines are in tatters after the hard fighting.

They can have a few days rest and then be thrown forward once more.

Soerabaja suffers a heavy raid today by fifty enemy planes, during which we trade a Aircobra for a Betty.

Our own bombers from Darwin raid Timor, and while they don't cause much damage, its nice to see us dealing out the punishment to the enemy rather than just taking it all then time.

Port Moersby's bomber go out once more, this time with a escort!

Of course, the moment we protect our planes, there is nothing to protect them from! Just as well they get a hit, the cost I'm paying for them is slowly mounting up.

PT-41 Continues to draw fire from the enemy bombers in the Philippines.

While I know that its the AI trying take out a possible threat, their inability to hit one stationary boat, day after day, is somewhat heartening.

The defenders of Taung Gyi are not able to hold the enemy off today, as they bring in over three hundred tanks to break their lines.

We need to get something into place to stop this armoured menace, but I'm not sure what I have in India or Burma that will be of any use.

The skies remain quiet while the land in China boils with war.
No ships were sunk today, but we got a confirmation of the sinking of the Pacific Maru on the 17th of February.

More men are being reported as moving to Koepang.

This is right across from Darwin, and could be the start of a invasion of Australia. This makes four known units being sent to the area, and while none are front line assault units, they are all units that will make them hard to shift - and two construction units could turn Koepang into a major airbase in to short a time.

The bombardment force is now approaching Rossell Island. If they find that it has been abandoned by the enemy, then the following invasion force will be redirected to Guadalcanal.

While we won't have the planning for this invasion, I don't want to waste a large task force on an empty island, I may well take it with a construction unit, allowing me to use it as an airbase, but I have not decided on that yet.

Luganville has for to long been in the enemies hands. I start the troops at Suva in Fiji to begin planning an attack.

Two Tank battalion, an Infantry regiment and three Marine units – supported by a artillery unit and some combat Engineers – Seebees – should allow is to think about making a decent assault on the area.

Now to give them a month or so of planning.