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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1085: Operational Report: 25/11/44

I'm considering daylight bombing for a day, as these night attacks are not hitting their targets, and 20 or more planes get lost over the night. We get no hits tonight, but shoot down two or three enemy planes a raid for only damaged planes on our own side.

Just as I type that, we get this raid.

And they keep coming, maybe I just need to go around insulting the buggers,

The prep work continues.

Enemy suicide bombers come in at Manado once more.

We catch up with the enemy who retreated out of Moulmein, and try and force them back in the jungle, the terrain is on their side however.

That was more of the bombing runs I was hoping for! That's a whole load of fires going, and another 290 point for us!

And there are still five and half thousand fires burning. I love hitting Kyoto, it has a lot of valuable stuff.