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Part 1088: Operational Report: 28/11/44

So after yesterday's map reading errors, I spoke to my pilots quite sternly. And this is the result.

This is how a bombing campaign should be run. This will of course be the only night in the next month you see this.

My redone sub hunter patrols actually find an enemy sub.

What. The. Hell?

While I'm not complaining about the damage, I am wondering what a Japanese cruiser is doing sitting off a newly conquered base.

I spread my bombers around a bit here.

The lack of enemy planes means they are stockpiling Kamikazes.

We take out another small supply ship trying to run the gauntlet.

The battle for Bankok continues on.

That was an interesting day, effective bombing and magic cruisers. As normal, it will take a few days of fires raging for the effects of today's bombing runs to show.

Zeroisanumber posted:

He probably ran out of his buffer and is working through a couple weeks worth.

Nope, jut forgot because I'm dead tired. the last six weeks has seen me move house, have my brothers wedding, my mum went into hospital (fine now), and half the family descended on me, plus I've worked two weekends.
I've only got to get to this weekend and I can have a week off. (although the wife is making me go to London for two nights.)

The buffer stands at 2 days, but I'm about to add another turn now, and stock it up over the next week.

I just need sleep.