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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 109: Operational Report: 25/03/42

The Revenge and her support arrive at Rossell Island, they lay down a fearsome barrage, doing some damage to the port. But there is no way of knowing if there are any enemy troops in the area at this stage.

Our planes from Darwin go up once more, just to let the enemy know that yesterday was no fluke. Unfortunately today heavy storms stop them from finding any targets.

Just south of Ceylon, the I-153 attacks one of our cargo ships.

With two hits, the ship quickly sinks, but at least eight torpedoes were fired to get this effect, so the sub will soon be returning home for resupply.

Especially after the later attack on the Varsova uses up another eight.

What's this? Planes in the air above China?

After the damage the enemy were doing to our last supply base, I moved the transports north to Chunking, and moved some fighters down. Here is the first enemy raid on this new base – we don't get a kill, but it must have been a surprise to the enemy.

By the time our planes reach Wake, I seriously doubt that there will be much of a runway left for them to use.

The enemy finally sink PT-41 today, this is the second wave of Bettys, and even now there is still another PT boat for them to hit.

With ever soldier in China apparently having the day off, today's casualties are much lower than the previous few weeks.

Although we do somehow claim the destroyer Hibiki near Eniwetok. Which makes me feel better.

Rossell Island is empty, making it useless to me, But I have troops loaded into ships nearly there, so the Invasion of Guadalcanal is now on people! The bombardment of this area will commence first, and the troops will be redirected. I'm also moving some Hudson Bombers I weaseled out of the Sydney commanders to support these attacks.

I'm not going to waste a perfectly good offensive.