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Part 1091: Operational Report: 01/12/44

The night bombers go in once more, and begin to hit their targets.

These mount over the night, and we get a good number of fires going once more.

I mass my Liberators for a daylight raid on Tokyo, the losses are heavy, but we get some hits. I shall switch them to a high level attack tomorrow, to see if that reduces the losses. I'm low on liberators as well though, so replacements will be slow.

The Japanese put some planes into the air over the Philippines.

We take out the last member of that supply convoy.

The carriers pick off another ship.

We take Kalgan and scatter the Japanese forces.

The Saigon forces smash the enemy again, now they will break up a bit and take the rest of Vietnam.

That's was a fair day – heavy bomber losses, but we got the hits we needed to gain five hundred points. I have set the bombers to high level attacks, and we'll see how they go. I can't afford to lose near a hundred planes a day though!
In fact, I have to stand down the Urrupu-jima bombers to allow them to rebuild their numbers.

I still say its worth it.

We scored 5,800 points more than the Japanese this month, while not our best month, its still a good progression – if we can keep this up, then the war will be over soon.

During this time we took seven bases worth three thousand points. Doing so we inflicted 700 more points in ground losses on the Japanese than we took.

Even with the high rate of losses in the air, we still killed 250 more points worth of Japanese aircraft than we lost.

Ship losses are fairly even, with 31 ships lost by us to 39 lost by the Japanese.

In points however, this comes out as 591 lost for us against 208 points lost by the Japanese.

And here is the territory map, showing how much of the Japanese Empire I have carved off so far. I need to get the Philippines invasion going soon, to chop them in half.

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