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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1097: Operational Report: 07/12/44

We set a few more fires in Kyoto.

The carriers are arriving in the Philippines and for the threads birthday they decide to wreak three large tankers and their escorts.

I of course demand they light more candles.

They also begin to suppress the airfields.

The Japanese hit Saigon today, targeting the port and setting the fuel stored there on fire.

There is something in Kiangtu the Japanese really want, as they land more troops here today. Is the key to the secret of Tokyo Bay Fortress here?

Three years old today! Who would of thought it? I order my men at Kiangtu to attack, then go to the ships sunk screen.

Dammit! I got grinched! This is the computer game version of getting socks for your birthday.

Then I top it off by nearly forgetting to post on the threads Birthday!