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War in the Pacific

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Part 110: Operational Report: 26/03/42

Finally! Our sub hunters finally get an attack in on an enemy submarine!

We can't confirm the damage, but we are hopeful that we at least damaged the bloody thing.

The Japanese Air Force do a good job of sweeping our planes from the air above Soreabaja. We can also see that the enemy now have forces within forty miles of the Javan Capital.

This attack is in preparation for a large scale raid, but even that cannot stop us from bagging one of the enemy bombers.

The ground forces start their attack by bombarding the city.

Our own raids over Dili is also increasing in size, and today we are able to cause some enemy casualties.

I'm also happy that I kept some of those dive bombers at Port Moersby, even if they are costing me for every day I retain them.

I can take a bit of political heat for 129 dead Japanese soldiers. I'll just post the report to the complainers.

The O24 is attacked by an Japanese destroyer, but evades the patterns without damage.

After a rest day yesterday, things are back to normal in China, starting with another Banzai charge in Sinyang.

Although I will admit the counter attack I ordered yesterday may not have been all that advisable.

In the south, near Chuhsien, a new battle beings, while smaller than some of the northern battles, it proves to be just as effective a drain on the Japanese manpower.

Our deep marching units reach and capture Shaohing today. This puts our forces near Hangchow and across the water from Shanghai.

Ah, that's better, activity in China is the only thing that's going well in this war.
So far.