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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1100: Operational Report: 10/12/44

The suppression bombers continue to do their work.

The carriers fend off another attack.

They also strike the target of Davao, doing a large amount of damage,

Their running out of ships to sink, so take out a sub chaser.

I'm still raiding airfields in Burma, but this one seems to be the best target.

We hit the main Japanese force in Burma once more, and annihilate them – 50% losses. I'm going to split about 600AV from this force to push towards Rahaeng, the rest shall march south to Tavoy.

In a bloody day for the Japanese, they take 50% losses once more near Kalgan, and the back of their forces here are broken – on to Manchuria! Well, after we hit them once more for luck.

So my bombers decided to take a day off, but we killed over 10,000 Japanese soldiers today, which is going to really hurt them at this stage of the war. This nets us 200 points. But this is not something we can do every day.