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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1102: Operational Report: 12/12/44

Wait... Did that task force just launch Pete's at me?

When the strike planes go in, they only find the Ise and the Takao.

They also sink a transport, because using all those planes on a valuable target is against the AI's code of conduct.

We do slam another bomb into her, but I think it hits the deck armour.

The afternoon attacks find two more cruisers, land many more bombs on the Ise's deck, and then has a successive pattern of torp hits.

The next wave notes the battleship is absent.

I get off a massed Superfortress raid, but half of them are shot down or turned back. So we only get a few hits.

The Liberators fight their way through the massed fighters and get some more hits.

The invasion of Davao begins. Something goes horribly wrong with the offloading, and we take heavy losses – despite high planning!

We butcher the Japanese forces in Vietnam once more.

Owch, that was a bitter sweet day – we lost a lot of men a Davao, but everything else went our way.

I'd expect a battleship to take more damage than that, but hey, stranger things have happened.