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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1103: Operational Report: 13/12/44

The Japanese make a sub attack at one of our carrier groups as the troop ships unload.

The next sub bounces a dud off the Gwin, before being savaged in turn.

The bombardment force is attacked, but deals with the planes.

I mass my bombers for a ground support strike.

We spot a couple of Japanese cruisers, but get no hits.

The tankers we find are nowhere near as lucky.

The attack is costly, but takes out some forts, we need this base, and I'm going to have to send extra troops – hopefully now we have men ashore, we can avoid the unloading penalty, as these guys are training for another attack!

The Avengers get another kill. A troopship at that!

We lose a large number of B-29's in todays raid.

In fact, the Japanese planes seem to be on the ball today.

One of the deep strikes comes up trumps.

A convoy routes itself to far north and pays the price. Although they give a good account of themselves.

A fairly bust day. The troops in Guam and Pagan are going to lead to support Davao, lets hope they can get ashore in good order. Our air losses continue to be high.

This helps of course.