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Part 111: Operational Report: 27/03/42

The Japanese navy once more sails a couple of battleships into range of Wake, and open up with all they have at the island.

In the Marshall Islands, our on off attacks at Kwajalien continue.

Our own version of the Japanese attack on Wake goes in, as the Revenge leads our ships into Guadalcanal – which apparently has a decent garrison.

Sweeping these ships aside, the Royal Navy hit a heavily laden troop convoy.

That's another thousand men we won't have to worry about on the island itself. This brings the Cruisers back, and this time the Japanese Admiral manages to get the better of the start of the engagement, crossing the T and getting the first hits on our ships.

In the long term, the more numerous and large guns of the British fleet show, and the Ashigara sinks quickly after taking four torpedoes.

At Soreabaja we see another massed raid, and trade another Aircobra for another Betty.

The blessed state of the enemy tankers continues to show, as we get another dud hit on these most tempting of targets.

I want these tankers badly, they are shipping valuable fuel to the Japanese fleet, and I want to choke that supply from them.

After yesterdays shock of “Planes over China” - today we have “Efficient Planes over China”

Is there anything these Chinese cannot do at the moment?

The Imperial Armies northern offensive continues, as they break up our last defences at Tsiaotso.

The 13,500 men of the Japanese 25th Division take the undefended Cox's Bazar.

the battle of Chittagong cannot be to far away now.

Ahh, I liked that. Its great to sea a battleship doing as god intended.

I'm a little annoyed to not see that cruiser on there, and perplexed to see the Searaven.
But there is also a sub on that list, but I saw no reports for it – unless its the one that was attacked yesterday.

Of our attacking ships, the Danae took the most damage, and has been sent back to Sydney.

The rest of the force is out of torpedoes, but going right back in.

Look at the Revenge – all those hits and only minor damage – the armour on these things is amazing.