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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1114: Operational Report: 24/12/44

Guess what! I'm not a complete idiot!

There is a hole in the CAP, and the Japanese fill it with suicide planes.

We take our revenge on a couple of Japanese ships.

The fresh troops are thrown into action, and while its a bloody day, we break a layer of forts, which should help us long turn.

I decide to switch tactics a little, and order a mass attack on Bangkok, to try and soften up the area and help cut the Japanese supply lines by finally taking the city.

The Libs have a poor day once more.

Kompomg Trach falls to Chinese troops, time to start marching north. I also see that my troops from Phnom Penh have moved as well.

We get another base, but lose some more ships. About normal.

Dear Santa, tomorrow I want lots and lots of death and all those carriers and battleships I've sunk to appear on the lists, giving me oodles of points. I have been a good boy, as long as you ignore the suicide attacks.
Grey hunter.