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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1117: Operational Report: 27/12/44

Clunk! Dammit!

I switch back to manpower, and get a number of hits – and the valuable fires that come with them!

I send the bombardment force back in, just to soften up the the enemy once more.

Out of nowhere, a Japanese battlefleet slams into one of my carrier forces. Fire is exchanged, and out guns concentrate on the Yamashiro, while on our side, the Ticonderoga takes the bulk of the fire.

The carrier force, bloodied but still active, head for Rabaul, meanwhile, they send out planes to ensure the Yamashiro does not make it home.

I'm also trying to open a new front, but the enemy still have planes to throw at me, and the carriers I order to move to support linger out of range. As normal, the CVE takes the brunt of the damage as the Japanese planes use incorrect landing procedures!

So many enemy planes, why are my carriers so useless?

The ground forces have a bloody day as well, this is one of the biggest battle involving US troops of this war.

We continue to hit Bangkok with our massed planes.

A brutal day, but one we came out ahead on – by 180 points!

No Japanese ships make it onto the kill board, but as we only lost a CVE as the most valuable ship, we are not doing to badly.

I'm not expecting this to last, We are doomed to lose another carrier it seems. I'm sending the bombardment force west to try and intercept the cruisers, we could be seeing the last sea battles of the war!