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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1118: Operational Report: 28/12/44

The Japanese unload more meat into the grinder at Kiangtu.

This time, they have landed a larger force, and this may get interesting.

The Task force that unloaded yesterday is fleeing south, but is hit once more – on the plus side, the base I targeted was unmanned, so we have taken it, and these troops will now spread out to take the whole island.

I wish Davao was going as well.

We strike Bangkok once more, and do some good damage. This is the only way the Chinese force we have here will win the battle.

I only get a few bombers up, but they get a good number of hits – it may be time to rest and replenish until the new year.

67 planes destroyed on the field can mean only one thing.

Yeah, that was expensive.