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Part 112: Operational Report: 28/03/42

Finally! We get a hit on one of those tankers that is not a dud!

Sink you bastard! Sink!

After a rest day yesterday, the Japanese are back to throwing the men at our defences.

The results are fairly predictable.
To the south we also see more attacks with high enemy casualties.

In the north, we are forced to withdraw from Kweiteh, but not before we inflict three times our own losses on the enemy.

Once more our attack force goes in amongst the enemy.

They find a number of targets, some more valuable than others.

Another thousand dead soldiers. This close to the end of the month, I'm looking forward to seeing the Japanese Army loss chart – its going to be beautiful.

In Sumatra we lose Djambi today to the enemies creeping advance.

You know which story the Japanese newspapers are going to be reporting, don't you.

The Pompano trades fire with a Japanese freighter.

It is driven off by the fire from the ship, but the actual damage is unknown at this time.

The plane transports are attacked while unloading at Wake island.

The flack put up by the cruisers is to much for the enemy, but the Wharton gets a lucky escape, when a torpedo hits its side and bounces off.
Its seems we're not the only ones with dud torpedoes.

Another good day – our troops are still chewing up the Japanese army, and the navy is finally starting to sink enemy ships.

Hmmm, Tanker.

Those attacks will have swept most of the problems away from the invasion force, which has three cruisers to protect it, ans should be arriving soon.

As we're near to ending the month, here are the losses of Battleships, Cruisers and Carriers, to aid Asset Tracking.

Remember, these are the ships thought to be sunk by intelligence.

Carriers – 3 Allied

Battleships – 7 Allied vs 4 Japanese

Cruisers – 12 Allied vs 9 Japanese

I think the only thing we're winning in is destroyers, which Asset Tracking is not following. We've sunk 24 and lost 22 of our own.

Lets hope the real numbers are better than this.