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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1120: Operational Report: 30/12/44

We hit Bangkok once more, I am thinking of shifting these bombers for a while, to soften up targets further north.

I'm going to hit here, to soften them up some more. We're at 1:1, so a few hits will push them over the edge.

The Japanese have another cruiser force at Moulmein. The Vengeance’s can't hit either of them though.

The bombers continue to support the Davao assault.

Lone transports, a gift that keeps on giving.

We also find a nice present before the new year – a tanker convoy! We hit it with force, and the new SB2C4 Helldivers!

The Japanese take Kiangtu, this is what, the fourth or fifth time its changed hands? I'm marching more troops back to retake it, and it looks like I'm going to maintain a force here to hold it.

Not a bad day overall, losing Kiangtu is annoying, but its a minor base in the end. None of those Japanese ships are on the killboard yet, but its only a matter of time!

We have 167 planes at Urrupu-jima it seems.