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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1121: Operational Report: 31/12/44

The target switch went into effect.

I'm using a few planes for this.

We slam more bombs into Davao.

We also take out three more ships and cripple a fourth – these are the New Years Eve fireworks!

I light the sky up with burning tankers as well.

We continue to ring in the new year by hitting a troop convoy.

Despite resting up our troops, we still take heavy losses cracking another layer of forts. At least they are low on supply and disrupted. (I'm talking about the enemy, before anyone makes a smart-arse comment.)

Ready for the new year? I am, and we are ending this year with a bang!

This is another case where out score will go up gradually though, as we get a ship a day confirmed in six months time. Three confirmed kills is not bad though.