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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1123: Operational Report: 02/01/45

We hit the enemy in Thailand once more, and they bring down one of my planes – we do continue to do damage however.

Severe storms mess up my bombers aim over Davao.

A gap in our carriers lets Japanese planes through, I had hoped to have taken an airfeild by now.

Off Pagan, we hit some more shipping.

Missing one, we have to send some more planes out to finish off the task force.

And then another ship sinks beneath the waves.

With poor results from yesterdays bombing, I switch targets and hit another base.

We make the enemy in retreat once more.

Well, that's more like it – 300 points and back on the road. I know about the Political points, but there is little I can do until the subs that are being withdrawn are gone. Who needs those subs more than me in bloody 1945?

We had a good day against shipping, and took out a whole supply convoy, bar its patrol boat escort.