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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1124: Operational Report: 03/01/45

Okay, so here is your question – WHAT THE FUCK?

I'm invading Port Blair.
The bombers continue their work inland.

Deeper inland, the Japanese near Rahaeng are coming apart at last. Just at a time I need to rest my men.

I have no idea why, but these Privateers refuse to fly with the other bombers.

The main group come in, and blast the hell out of the place.

My only response to this is Jesus Christ, which I exclaimed aloud.

That's nine ships sunk – a major Japanese invasion fleet has been neutralised. Of course, our planes just turn around and go back out once more.

Add in a solid strike at Davao, and its been a good day in the Philippines.

We crush one of the landed Japanese forces. Time to clear out the trash in this area.

Well, that was some day, not only did we do some good damage to the mainland of Japan, but we managed to sink one or two of their ships.

Okay, maybe 17 ships, which is half of what I killed last month in one day. And I bet the only thing you lot go on about is how I'm going to lose the King George V.
We'll see. We'll see.