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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1125: Operational Report: 04/01/45

The Port Blair force comes under attack from Betties, but their massed flak means only one plane lands on the Howe.

The next wave is more effective.

The bombers continue their work as well.

Oddly, the Japanese have another couple of cruisers at Moulmein, we attack them with Vengeances.

We return in the afternoon to put some more bombs into the target.

Come evening, we begin unloading troops.

We continue to hit Meabashi. The superforts get a few hits.

The massed Liberators do better of course.

We pick off a couple of the survivors from yesterdays massacre.

We also continue to land troops at undefended bases. Another base seems to have flipped without me landing troops, so things are going well.

We crack another fort level in Daveo, and get closer to victory.

We gain some more points, kill a couple more ships and land some more troops. Things are going well – hence the risking of the battleships.

Doing fine.