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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1127: Operational Report: 06/01/45

We continue the bombing support.

The carrier group kills another tanker.

Our forces have advanced to Tacloban, and begin to destroy the Japanese units there.

We hit Maebashi once more, and I'm going to give the Liberators a few days off now to repair their damaged aircraft and replace a few losses.

The Port Blair force come under attack once more.

The inland bombers continue their work as well.

The troops there are slowing winning – they are at 1:1 odds at least.

The Japanese on Port Blair seem to not want to fight, and we quickly take the base.

That's another base for us, and I can move some fighters to Port Blair to support our planes. I'm going to replan those troops and try a landing further down. For now, I move some things around.