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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 113: Operational Report: 29/03/42

The Salmon makes an attack on a cargo ship off Japan.

A combination of a torpedo and a shell leave the ship burning.

The planes of Chunking continue to make themselves useful as the Japanese Air Force tries once more to try and choke my offensive by taking out the supply base and the transport planes based there.

Sinyang continues to take its toll on the attackers, and they only attack with 8,000 men, loosing over 1,000 of them.

Tsiaotso is also takes its toll on the enemy.

Our attack at Wuchang continues to make headway, as you would expect when we're attacking with 75,000 men against 15,000.

We also take Chaochow in the south, an undefended base on the southern coast.

We also do well at Chuhsien, forcing several enemy units to retreat.

People have been asking why I have loads of useless mine layers in Java. This is because the game (to balance the mine spam of the previous version apparently) gives you only a few mines.

I ordered most of these dumped into the harbour of Soerabaja.

The Enemy just tried to sail a fleet into the harbour.

That is a modern heavy cruiser burning away and hopefully sinking after taking a mine hit. Have fun using this harbour once you've captured it.
This, unsurprisingly, causes the enemy fleet to withdraw, leaving the attackers without this support. To make matters worse, these accurate guns then turn on the ground forces, knocking out at least two of their guns.

Our dive bombers, the overdue squadrons, once more pay for themselves by putting 1000lbs of explosives into a unloading transport. It seems that the enemy are reinforcing New Britain.

A failed attack on the support ship in the afternoon reports over a hundred more bodies in the water from the stricken ship.

The invasion force has reached Lunga in Guadalcanal. The supporting ships unload into the defenders.

Under this cover, the Australian troops storm ashore, taking losses as they struggle to get off the landing craft and onto the shore.

The defending troops, thought to be only a garrison force and a road crew, throw themselves at our men, but make no headway.

The attacks on the ships unloading at Wake continues, but the AA fire from the cruisers is to strong for any of the planes to make it through.

This is the same when the remaining undamaged planes return in the afternoon.

I want those fighters unloaded now, so I can start to really slaughter these guys.

I liked today, today was a good day.
We took minimal ground and air losses, have not lost a ship in three days.

And we're claiming the mine hit on the Maya, a 14,000 tonne heavy cruiser. I would like to trust that, with 22 hits as well as the mine strike.

The enemy have a task force near Guadalcanal, so I'm ordering the bombardment force north to intercept. They may be low on ammo, but should have enough to see off whatever is in that force.

The island itself has about 6,500 defenders, so we should have the advantage once all of the Aussies are unloaded.