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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1133: Operational Report: 12/01/45

I've sent my carriers north, I want to land soldiers on the main island, and this is their cover. The first wave is dealt with easily.

There are a few small unescorted raids, then another large one in the afternoon.

We raid Manilla, getting one hit and losing a lot of our avengers.

The bombers really do a good job today, lets hope they can keep this up.

We top the fires up at Maebashi. The city is taking heavy damage now, and has been on fire for over a week.

The few remaining ships here come under attack once more.

We take out some of the remaining troops in Kaingtu.

Then this happens – a raid off San Francisco from what I can only assume is one of the Japanese plane carrying subs.

We lose a lot more ships today at Urrupu-jima. But there is little I can do about that now. The prep work for the Manilla attack is taking out their attack craft, which should leave the incoming troop ships in a better position.

That's painful, but we still gained 180 points today, so things are still going okay.