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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1134: Operational Report: 13/01/45

The Enterprise and friends go north and draw out more enemy planes. Thats 27 less planes we have to be worried about.

They strike at a task force, but get no hits.

We do take out a small ship, but I doubt I will get many points for it.

We then go back to shooting down incoming aircraft.

And raiding Manila.

The Bombers do their job over Davao, it shows that they are now causing more damage – the Japanese must be really weak now.

This is proven when we take the city in the assault. This is brutal for the Japanese, and they lose most of their guns and near half their men. I can finally begin advancing north!

We slam more bombs into Rahaeng. I hope the troops get there soon.

Knowing we have troops coming, the Japanese make an attack on our forces in Tavoy, but this costs them men and us nothing.

The bombers over Maebashi only see three fighters today – maybe the fires are wreaking the airfields?

I have men advancing north, I just wish my main stack would move – the Japanese have attacked it twice with small units, resetting the movement counter.

I also kill 500 men at Kiangtu and surround the remains, so this one will wrap up soon.

Davao was a lot of work for 40 points, but we have broken on of the few remaining Japanese strongpoints. We do gain 500 points for damage done and bombing runs. So I'm not to upset.

As for the effectiveness of the bombing, the red box is from the 8th of this month, so in that time we have destroyed several points of factories, and damaged many more. Lets keep this pressure up.