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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1136: Operational Report: 15/01/45

A Japanese sub pops up to hit one of our landing ships.

The Bombardment force arrives at Legaspi, the target of my next invasion. The guns open up and cause some damage to the airfield and troops.

We follow this by unloading troops. The landings have begun!

We continue to harass the troops south of Davao.

The carriers find another troop ship – the Japanese are defiantly redeploying.

Its afternoon before the first Japanese planes are seen, and they go for the carriers – getting close enough to splash down around the Enterprise.

We hit Maebashi once more, this time with the Superfortresses. We do some nice damage, and the fires are topped up.

The Liberators come in and whip this into a real fire-storm.

When did I order this? It must have been months ago.

Well, the bombing is going well, but it seems that all the troops we landed at Legaspi were none combat, and they have all surrendered! Something went wrong with my timings, and the combat troops will be arriving soon.