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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1140: Operational Report: 19/01/45

The day starts with troops unloading and the Japanese sending more planes to their doom against the Enterprise.

This raid is proceeded by two that killed a total of 100 men, so the Japanese are hurting from these raids.

They make an attack on the troopships, but we fend them off.

The men on the ground do good work, and I expect this battle to go quickly. Then we march north towards Manila.

The march south is also going well.

We continue to hit Rahaeng while the ground troops rest up.

We take out another wave of Japanese attackers at Tavoy. The relief is near now.

We continue to reduce Maebashi to ruins.

The pace of the attacks is speeding up now, and I am considering an attack on the Japanese home islands.
Yeah, crazy I know, but hear me out.

These bases are reported to only have a few thousand men, and if I can get enough men together, I am fairly sure I can land men here. I will need a lot of carriers in support, but I can get them.
What do you guys think?