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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1144: Operational Report: 23/01/45

Dammit! Now the Japanese know I have an invasion force in the area! Well, that would be a worry against an human player. And that should be one less Japanese sub.

I rebased a load of planes to Rangoon, which has supplies now, and target them all to Tavoy. Its not the casualties we got at the old target, but its much more useful.

The Japanese are patrolling some cruisers off Moulmein again. We make them pay.

Which part of “have a rest” don't you guys understand?

We take Siem Reap, and will now march these troops to Bangkok.

We also take a small base up near the Gobi Desert. My superstack reset last turn, so is trying a different route – they have really stalled my advance here.

That's two more bases. Shame neither of them are worth much in the way of points.