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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 1145: Operational Report: 24/01/45

We keep the pressure up over Tavoy, but their AA gunners seem to be on the ball as well.

Port Blair comes under attack from Betties.

We breakdown some more of the defences at Tavoy, for a cost.

We continue to take our toll of enemy planes.

We also do our work down south, readying the last enemy troops in the area for their final destruction.

Forgot to look for these guys again. The rest of the force should be near reactivation anyway now.

The softening up of the next invasion target continues. I'm surprised that there is no air activity against my carriers.

Fresh troops mean a new assault on Tsingtao, and we should be able to win here now.

We see the base points drop by near a thousand points, losing us a net of 750 points today! I really hate it when this happens, and there is no reason for it I can see.

This does come up on the kill list, and the increase in ship kill points seems to bare it out.